Computer and Internet Crimes

As computers and smartphones have grown more integral to our lives, they have also become a greater focus of law enforcement. Police aggressively investigate so-called “cybercrime,” and courts often impose significant punishments for its commission. If you are charged with a computer crime, you need a strong criminal defense lawyer with specialized knowledge in this distinctive practice area.

“Cybercrimes” come in many forms. They include sophisticated cyberattacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, meant to disrupt the internet service of governments, companies, and institutions. They include the use of ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts or locks digital files until a demand for ransom is met. They include the hacking of computer systems to perform illegal activities, such as corporate espionage or the acquisition of confidential documents. Computers can also be used as a tool of crimes previously performed by other means, including identity theft, fraud, larceny, stalking, prostitution, child pornography, drug crimes, and many other offenses.

Boston Computer Crimes Attorney David J. Grimaldi has significant experience defending clients accused of cybercrime and computer-related offenses. In federal and state court, Attorney Grimaldi has represented numerous people accused of crimes allegedly committed entirely, or almost entirely, from behind a computer keyboard. Attorney Grimaldi has the correct combination of technical knowledge and legal expertise to combat the government’s evidence in computer crime cases and effectively represent his clients in court.

Like any case, cybercrime cases are all different and require a defense lawyer ready and able to understand the intricacies of your particular case. Not everyone understands how computers work or can be used, and cases with sophisticated technology are simply not suitable for all attorneys. If you are charged with a computer crime, or have a pending case with a lot of computer evidence, you need a lawyer ready to understand how computer systems work and the best way to use the computer evidence to demonstrate your innocence.

Boston Computer Crimes Attorney David J. Grimaldi knows what it takes to win cases involving computer evidence. He has effectively cross-examined computer experts called by the government in cybercrime cases and demonstrated the deficiencies in the prosecution’s case. He has also hired private computer experts to examine evidence that helps reveal that his client is not guilty. In one case, for example, prosecutors agreed to dismiss computer charges against Attorney Grimaldi’s client after reviewing a forensic report prepared by Attorney Grimaldi’s private defense expert demonstrating his client’s innocence. In another case, a judge dismissed charges against Attorney Grimaldi’ client after hearing Attorney Grimaldi’s argument that the alleged computer crime was not a crime at all.

Attorney Grimaldi knows how to use the law to positively transform his client’s cases involving computer evidence. In one case, for example, Attorney Grimaldi successfully moved to suppress or “throw out” evidence that police obtained from his client’s social media accounts. In a different case, Attorney Grimaldi successfully moved to suppress evidence police obtained from the client’s cell phone without a warrant. By winning suppression of the evidence in these cases, Attorney Grimaldi dramatically improved his client’s cases and set the stage for their future successes in court.

If you are charged with a computer crime, you need a lawyer with a proven track record of success. Do not wait any longer. Contact Attorney David J. Grimaldi at (617) 661-1529 or online today.

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Attorney David Grimaldi is a truly exceptional criminal defense lawyer. He represented me in a case in Suffolk Superior Court, and I know that I received the absolute best possible representation. Mr. Grimaldi met with me often, always kept me informed, answered my questions, and fought hard for...


I highly recommend David Grimaldi. He was always responsive and sympathetic to my situation, from the very first call at the height of my crisis until the case was eventually dismissed. In court he was articulate and clever without ever appearing to upset the other attorney or judge presiding. I...


At some point in our lives we all run into a situation we can not control and need help. I was lost and after 2 lawyers and no help in sight I got lucky and someone referred David Grimaldi to me for my federal case . After 19 days without even a chance for Bail/Bond, David stood up and fought for me...

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