White Collar Crimes

Businesses and individuals accused of white-collar crimes need a defense lawyer who can stand up to government prosecutors and restore their ability to get back to work. The personal stakes for professionals under government scrutiny are enormous, and few things disrupt business development like prosecution for criminal offenses. Whether the client is navigating safe passage through a criminal investigation or mounting a full-scale defense against an indictment, white-collar professionals need a defense lawyer with a proven history of exceptional legal representation.

Boston White-Collar Crimes Attorney David J. Grimaldi has significant experience defending clients under government investigation or charged with crimes in state and federal court. His clients have worked in numerous industries including energy, technology, banking, restaurants, fishing, and others. His white-collar cases have involved multimillion-dollar corporate transactions, international business relationships, financial institutions, government grant programs, business and personal taxes, and many other professional settings.

The sheer number and complexity of the laws and regulations governing businesses and financial institutions can sometime ensnare unwary professionals in legal jeopardy. The consequences of criminal accusations, of course, can be disastrous, including loss of professional licenses, significant financial penalties, reputational harm, and even a prison sentence. As soon as a professional learns he may be the subject of a criminal investigation, he should obtain a lawyer with strong experience in white-collar criminal defense.

Attorney Grimaldi has successfully defended clients against white-collar criminal accusations in all phases of courtroom litigation, including complex multi-week trials in federal court. He has effectively cross-examined federal agents from the FBI, IRS, DHS, and many other government agencies. He has successfully confronted the testimony of expert witnesses called by the government, and discredited claims by private institutions and individuals against his client. Most importantly, Attorney Grimaldi has persuaded the jury at trial that his professional client is innocent of the government’s accusations.

In terms of charges, Attorney Grimaldi has defended clients accused of tax fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft, conspiracy, conversion of government property, false statements, unlawful procurement of citizenship, and other white-collar offenses.

Attorney Grimaldi’s success as a criminal defense trial lawyer gives him an advantage over corporate law firms when defending clients accused of white-collar crimes. He is not a lawyer who sits behind a desk all day, but a persuasive courtroom advocate for his clients. Attorney Grimaldi is comfortable in front of juries, and he knows what it takes to prepare for trial against the government. Since the prosecution knows that that Attorney Grimaldi will always be ready for trial, he also has a stronger position during negotiations with the government.

Oftentimes, the government will notify professionals that they are under investigation prior to any decision about whether they will face charges. Clients under investigation should obtain excellent representation immediately. Responding to the government’s requests for documents, interviews, or other information without experienced counsel can lead to disastrous outcomes. Once a mistake is made, it cannot be undone. Also, early notification that a client is under investigation is a unique opportunity to resolve the controversy without ever going to court. A client should typically seize the chance for a speedy resolution to the matter.

If you or a loved one is either charged with a white-collar offense or under investigation for a white-collar crime, you need a defense attorney with a proven record of success representing professionals. Call Attorney David J. Grimaldi at (617) 661-1529 or contact him online today.

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Attorney David Grimaldi is a truly exceptional criminal defense lawyer. He represented me in a case in Suffolk Superior Court, and I know that I received the absolute best possible representation. Mr. Grimaldi met with me often, always kept me informed, answered my questions, and fought hard for...


I highly recommend David Grimaldi. He was always responsive and sympathetic to my situation, from the very first call at the height of my crisis until the case was eventually dismissed. In court he was articulate and clever without ever appearing to upset the other attorney or judge presiding. I...


At some point in our lives we all run into a situation we can not control and need help. I was lost and after 2 lawyers and no help in sight I got lucky and someone referred David Grimaldi to me for my federal case . After 19 days without even a chance for Bail/Bond, David stood up and fought for me...

Adam P.

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